Dogs & Horses

DOGS - We love dogs and you can bring yours to Round Top Ranch on these conditions:

  • Maximum two dogs at any time
  • No dogs bigger than 40 pounds
  • Dogs to be kept on a short leash at all times.
  • You pick up the poop and dispose of it properly.

HORSES - Not many vacation rentals have facilities for horses, but Round Top Ranch does.

  • Maximum four horses at any time.
  • There are two corrals.
  • There is room for only two 2 horse trailers
  • Or one 4 horse trailer.
  • Feed and grains is not provided
  • Horse owners must shovel & remove manure,

Terms & Conditions

No other type of animals are allowed on the property. The registered guest is responsible for any and all damages to the property, guests and any other party plus any extra cleaing made necessary by the animals. Violation of the rules may result in removal of the animals without notice.

DETAILS: Bringing along a pet is a priviledge that comes with responsibility. Owners must insure that pets do no damage, do not bother other guests. Pets must be kept on short-leash at all times and owners must clean up after their pets. Failure to follow these rules will result in extra fees, expulsion of the pet or termination of the guest's rental occupancy without refund..